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Dear N.C. State

You can stop now.

You see, the 1-5 Wolfpack team that started the season? I liked that team. I didnt have to think about that team. I coud watch UNC' struggles in close games, and know that State, with their preseason bowl expectations and inexplicable consensus higher projections was suffering worse. Struggling with Central Florida. Getting smacked around in-conference. Lsing 4 of 5 by 17 or more.

But the three game winning streak is beginning to gall. True, it's against lesser competition, but it's against three UNC opponents, and the Heels only mangaged a 1-2 record. You're making us look bad, and you need to get back on your road to bowl ineligibility.

The good news is that those three common games are statistically identical. It's truly anybody's game, and if the Heels win in Carter-Finley, well, it will be as fun as those in year's past.

Oh, and wear all the red you want - red is just not funny. Consider this the open thread.