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Anybody Want to See UNC Win a National Championship?

Want to see UNC hoist some NCAA hardware in the air this year? Don't want to wait to the end of basketball season? After last night, not really confident in March?

With regards to last night, Davidson is even better than you remember, and hey, slow starts are good omens. But none of that is the point of today's post. No, it's time for the first NCAA Championship of the academic year - Women's Field Hockey.

The Tar Heels, top seed of the tournament, undefeated for the season, and laden with talented seniors roll in to Maryland for the Final Four. Carolina meets the Huskies in the early game at 5:30. The Huskies have lost twice (twice!) this season, and have allowed their opponents to score in a solid majority of their games. Clearly they aren't in UNC's class. (I did mention Carolina has posted shutouts in 13 of the last 15 matches, didn't I?)

Should Friday go as planned, the Heels face on Sunday either Wake Forest or Penn State, who have five and seven losses this season respectively. Wake has been the closest thing UNC has had to an equal this year, taking the Heels to overtime in both of their previous meetings. Careful research on my part has discovered that Wake does not have the only collegiate member of the World Cup team. Advantage, Carolina.

The games are broadcasted on the internet, but if you happen to live in the area - like, say, me - you should head out to see the games in person. I haven't seen a field hockey championship in twelve years, where oddly enough UNC defeated Maryland on Wake Forest's campus, and will definitely be there Sunday. And not blogging, because I like to pretend I have some self-respect left. Anybody heading out to the game, I'll be the guy you don't recognize.

And if you can't make it out to College Park, there's always the next national championship. I hear they have some pretty good players, too.