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Quick Hits

Brief notes as I head out to Kenan for the Victory Bell game - my first game in Chapel Hill in seven years:

  • John Gasaway (of Big Ten Wonk fame) has an excellent article on the lack of respect given to UNC's basketball defense every year. It's nothing new if you've been following the tempo-free statistics in recent year, but it summarizes everything very well and is a good thing to have under your belt when the commentators start whining about the number of points UNC allows come February.
  • Caulton Tudor doesn't like Butch Davis' pay raise. Neither does Bill Friday. Or Dane Huffman. Is Butch Davis being paid too much? In the extend that pretty much every head coach in D1 football and basketball is paid too much for teaching kids push a ball around a field or court, then yes, of course he's paid too much. But that's society's priorities being too far out of whack. In this case, journalists seem to be projecting a lot onto a skittish university's desire to keep their coach - if you remember correctly, the last succesful coach left for Texas despite an offer of a salary match, and don't think Dick Baddour won't overreact to avoid that happenning again. I'm still amazed sports seem to be the only profession where the press routinely criticizes workers for successful getting a pay raise. They sure as hell don't seem to do the same for CEO's.
  • Question - do we revel in the Wolfpack missing a bowl game as well or bemoan the fact UNC lost to this team?