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UNC vs. the Known Unknowns

I currently live in the D.C. area, right in the midst of Maryland's ACC market area. I drive by the Beltway exit for the campus daily on the way to work. In theory, I should be saturated in coverage of the Terps.

I don't know a thing about this team.

Some of that can be blamed on the D.C. media, which is second only to Boston's in not really caring about the ACC school in its town. I've probably subliminally picked up more knowledge of the Redskins than his healthy for a man, but the Terps, not so much.

Maryland hasn't made it any easier, though. The team beats Rutgers one week, and is blown out by Clemson in another. Beats Georgia Tech but loses to Virginia. And no, I don't care what Virginia's record is - the Cavs lost to State. For every reason you can think for Maryland to stomp the Heels, there's a counter favoring Carolina. Tar Heel Fan thinks UNC can eke out the win. So does Tar Heel Mania. I, in my eternal optimism, can't seem to get by that Rutgers win. I keep seeing another Spinal Tap drummer in th Heels' future.