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ACC Basketball Update(11/10)

  • The season has finally begun for some with what should have been cupcakes for all. As it turns out the level of parity in college basketball may be farther reaching and more disruptive than the Gardner-Webb win over Kentucky indicated. Just ask Georgia Tech who hosted my alma mater UNC Greensboro and got themselves smacked in the mouth by the boys from Greensboro 83-74 which is sure to make Yellow Jacket fans nice and happy. Big shout out to my Spartans for scoring the big win.
  • Duke opened up the season in impressive fashion smacking DI newbie NC Central 121-56. It is pretty clear that his is not last season's Duke team that usually stopped scoring with 10 minutes left in the game. Granted that NCCU is about as threatening as a fly at a frog convention, Duke showed their freshman class is one to be reckoned with.
  • Wake Forest, Florida State, and Miami all enjoyed easy wins. For the Deacs it was the first meaningful game since Skip Prosser passed away and undoubtedly the emotions were running high versus Fairfield. The Deacs won by 25. Miami played Florida Southern which should not be confused with South Florida that is actually located in west Florida. Miami scored 104 points which makes me think Florida Southern is actually a high school. FSU cruised past Nichols State and since football season is still ongoing no one in Tallahasee noticed.
  • Virginia Tech began life without Gordon and Dowdell by squeezing past Elon 69-64 thus avoiding their own personal experience with losing to a team from the bottom of the totem pole. As is the case at FSU, football is still bouncing along which means no really cares.