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ACC Basketball Update(11/13)

  • Duke played their second game and knocked around New Mexico State by 25. I did get my first look at Duke on ESPN2 and they are far more energetic than last season as well as being more willing to press the basketball upcourt for fast break points. Defensively they were show some tenacity pressing the guards but also were given to some lapses late in the game leading to some easy baskets by NMSU. There were also a couple of stretches where Duke seemed to lapse from the trademark intensity and allow NMSU some chances to chip away at the lead.
  • It is entirely possible Boston College is worse than we think or they are doing what they always do and play like crap during the early season. On Monday it was Florida Atlantic who hung in way too long versus the Eagles.
  • Clemson opened the season and made exceptionally quick work of Furman playing very much like the fourth best team in the ACC.
  • Florida State and Maryland put forth efficient efforts in dispatching Georgia Southern and Hampton respectively. Maryland got James Gist back after being suspended for the opener which seems to be a common theme this season, at least it is at BC and Maryland. [Update: Turns out the Maryland game was closer than when I wrote this post. Seems to be fairly typical of the Terps in both football and basketball to go through the motions and only win this one by six despite the caliber of the opponent being such as it is. Thanks to Dan for the onsite update]