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ACC Basketball Update(11/19)

  • If NC State is ever going to fulfill Gavin Grant's grandiose goals of winning a national title they might want to think about doing more than standing around watching J.J. Hickson and they sure as heck better figure how to beat the preseason fourth place team from the Sun Belt's Western Division while playing at home. I am sure NC State will be perfectly fine by the time the tournament rolls around but right now they still have some issues to work out as the 65-63 loss to New Orleans has proven.
  • Virginia got another huge performance from Sean Singletary(which is something we will be hearing a lot this season) and beat #17 Arizona. And this might be an impressive win but it seems like Virginia beats Arizona every season about this time.
  • Florida State went to play in the Glenn Wilkes Classic in Daytona Beach otherwise known as Needless Preseason Tournament #157. The Noles proceeded to beat UAB before dropping games to Cleveland State and South Florida, both of which are traditionally not good teams in basketball...then again neither is Florida State.
  • Georgia Tech managed their way by Charlotte before losing to Winthrop. GT lost their first game to UNC Greensboro who is coached by Mike Dement. This is Dement's second stint at UNCG who left in 1995 to take the SMU job and was promptly replaced by assistant Randy Peele who lasted like three years then ended up as an assistant at Winthrop where he has not been promoted to head coach. The lesson for Georgia Tech? Don't mess with the Mike Dement coaching tree.
  • Miami did what Duke could not last March and beat VCU. The Hurricanes followed that up with a win over Providence to improve to 4-0 that may or may not be impressive.
  • Clemson continued their solid start with a win over Old Dominion. BC won over Mercer and UNC crushed Iona.
  • The Monday schedule stands to be the most interesting of the season with GT playing Notre Dame, Maryland up against UCLA, Duke playing Princeton in Maui and Wake Forest playing NC Central who perhaps believe that playing everyone in the ACC will somehow give them insight into playing Division I basketball.