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ACC Basketball Update(11/20)

  • Duke clocked an efficient win over Princeton out in Maui who always scares whomever they play because they run the basketball version of the spread offense which is to say they run an offense that accounts for the fact you are immensely inferior talent wise to your opponent so you do all sorts of weird cuts and weaves to confuse them. At halftime of this game the ESPN studio analysts Tom Brennan and Doug Gottlieb debated the opposite position on how integral Greg Paulus is to Duke. It is amazing how two analysts never agree with each other on this show. Almost like they were told to disagree on purpose. Anyway, Gottlieb thinks Paulus will eventually be surpassed by Nolan Smith. I would say this is a good bet though Coach K has a penchant for sticking with athletically inferior and highly annoying players at point. Just ask Wojo.
  • I would like to think that Maryland could have acquitted themselves versus UCLA but when you commit 15 turnovers in the first half, you sort of make a fairly uncomfortable bed to lie in. Also, I can say with absolute certainty we will all be tired of hearing about Kevin Love by January. Just imagine if he was on the east coast, it would be 50 times worse.
  • Georgia Tech loses to low mid-major teams but manages to handle Notre Dame? Then again the Irish have their own issues with a loss to Baylor on the schedule as well. Long season ahead in Atlanta and the misery will not skip a beat in South Bend.
  • NC Central's debut into Division I has included losses to Duke, Florida, Rutgers, North Dakota State and now Wake Forest. In fact Wake was up by 23 at halftime and apparently set cruise control for the second half in beating a team that plays 14 of their 15 games on the road. Welcome to the big show Central.