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ACC Football Week #10: Preview

We have reached the point of the season where we really should discuss scenarios as in who is going to clinch the two divisions and get to play in front of a not sold out stadium in Jacksonville.

Atlantic Division

Boston College(8-0, 4-0): Complete control of it's own destiny with a game in hand because Clemson has two losses and and 2nd place Wake Forest's only ACC loss is to BC. Eagles would have to lose twice and one of those versus Clemson to open the division up. I actually expect them to go undefeated but even with one loss they head to Jacksonville.

Wake Forest(6-2, 4-1): Wake needs BC to lose twice and must win out including at UVa this week and at Clemson next week. Wake cannot really afford to lose another game since that would mean BC would have to lose three to help them out and that is not happening. Also, if Wake loses at Clemson that puts them behind two teams in head-to-head tiebreakers. Wake needs to run the table and hope BC stumbles.

Clemson(6-2, 3-2): The Tigers need help in buckets in the form of beating Wake and BC while hoping for another BC loss. If they can sweep their two closest rivals in the standings and get either FSU(not likely), Maryland(road game for BC) or Miami(who knows with BC-Miami) to play spoiler they will see Jacksonville. At the moment it does not look promising.

Florida State, Maryland and NC State: All have three losses and are effectively eliminated from the division title. All three are mathematically viable for six wins though.

Coastal Division

Virginia(7-2, 4-1). Virginia Tech(6-2, 3-1) and Miami(5-3, 2-2): All three teams are in the same boat in that they all three control their own destiny. How is this possible? Well, these three have not played each other yet and all stand at either 1 or 2 losses. So if one of these three can sweep the other two that team should win the division assuming they take care of business in their other conference games. Virginia has three conference games left. If they will all three they will be 7-1 and win the division outright since one those wins will be over VT saddling them with a second loss. Same goes for VT who will win via tiebreaker if they win their remaining four ACC games since one of those would be over UVa it will not matter if the Cavs win the rest of their games, if they are 6-2 with a loss to 6-2 VT, the Hokies win. Miami has two losses but if they win all four of their games to get to 6-2 they will win since somewhere in there UVa or VT will end up three losses(loss to Miami and to each other) and Miami would own the tiebreaker over the other one even if they only have two losses.

Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Duke: GT will have four losses after tonight, UNC will likely lose once more and Duke is 0-5.

Everyone clear on this? Good, because it will be rendered completely useless by Saturday night. Here are my predictions for the weekend

Virginia Tech 20 Georgia Tech 3
Clemson 45 Duke 10
Wake Forest 24 Virginia 23
Miami 24 NC State 17
UNC 21 Maryland 20
Boston College 35 FSU 13

Record Last Week: 4-1
Record This Season: 51-19