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ACC Football Week #10: Review

Remember all those nice, neat scenarios I laid out on Thursday which included these fabulous predictions which would make it all work? Yeah, poppycock now. Florida State and Virginia served as the biggest spoilers of the weekend throwing the division races into a mess, well in the Atlantic at least.

Florida State 27 Boston College 17

Boston police have issued an arrest warrant for Florida State football player Geno Hayes on two counts of grand larceny following the Seminoles win over Boston College Saturday night in Chestnut Hill. Hayes is charged with stealing the Eagles' BCS title hopes as well as any chance Matt Ryan had of winning the Heisman Trophy when he intercepted Ryan with 1:10 remaining in the contest and returned if for a FSU touchdown giving the Seminoles an insurmountable 10 point lead. Authorities place the value of the stolen property at $17 million.

Virginia Tech 27 Georgia Tech

Chan Gailey is toast. The Hokies still control their own destiny in the Coastal.

Clemson 47 Duke 10

There was a point in this game where I actually heard the Duke color man on the radio say Duke was still in the game because it was only 19-7. C.J. Spiller then returned a free kick 84 yards for a TD and all such delusions ceased.

Virginia 17 Wake Forest 16

Where there is a will there is a way? How about you know you have something going for you when Sam Swank misses a clutch field goal. I would imagine the loss at NC State is making UVa fans crazy knowing they could be 6-0 in the ACC. As for Wake they also must be kicking themselves(no pun intended) since a win over UVa could have vaulted them back into the division race.

NC State 19 Miami 16(OT)
UNC 16 Maryland 13

The wheels have officially come off at Miami and NC State has not lost since their bye week and is fighting to get bowl eligible. UNC bounced back from the debacle at Wake Forest to win an ugly contest with the Terps who are having their own trouble keeping the wheels on their wagon. UNC also can get bowl eligible if they win out whereas NC State has one game to give which probably should be the Wake Forest game if it so happens that UNC extends the misery of Wolfpack fans everywhere by winning again at Carter Finely.

Record This Week: 3-3
Record This Season: 54-22