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ACC Football Week #11: Preview

The main storyline in the ACC is who will be heading for Jacksonville for the title game. With BC's loss last week it would appear that the Atlantic Division is headed for a de facto division title game next week when BC visits Clemson. The only obstacle in the way of that match-up being all that it can be is what happens this weekend. Clemson needs to knock off Wake Forest(thus eliminating the Deacs) and BC handling Maryland. If those two games go as many expect BC would go to Death Valley with the winner heading for Jacksonville. Wake is still alive if they can beat Clemson then have BC lose to both Clemson and Miami while the Deacs take care of NC State.

In the Coastal the two Virginia schools have the inside track for a winner takes all meeting at season's end. Virginia is in an advantageous position in that if they can beat Miami this weekend they actually have their bye week ahead of the showdown at Scott Stadium versus Virginia Tech. That game like the BC-Clemson game could be for the ticket to Jacksonville assuming Virginia Tech handles FSU and Miami over the next two weeks though VT can still drop one of those games and still win the division by taking care of Virginia. There is a rather messy scenario that has VT losing the next two games then beating Virginia to end the season at 5-3, Virginia losing to Miami and VT to also end at 5-3 and Miami beating Virginia, VT and BC to also end 5-3. In that case Miami wins the division because they would have beaten the other two teams with three losses. That does not seem likely but then again not much that has happened this season has seemed likely.


UNC 23 NC State 18
Clemson 27 Wake Forest 17
Georgia Tech 21 Duke 10
Virginia Tech 15 FSU 13
Virginia 21 Miami 20
Boston College 33 Maryland 7

Record Last Week: 3-3
Record This Season: 54-22