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ACC Football Week #12: Review

The number of virtually worthless games outweighed the pertinent ones by a 5 to 1 count. The five that really did not matter included three teams one win from getting to six wins for the season which means perhaps they were not totally worthless until you realize what kind of bowl game you might end up with at 6-6. Granted playing in a bowl is always a step in the right direction even if it sponsored by tire manufacturer. The one game that actually meant something was also the most entertaining game of the day.

Boston College 20 Clemson 17

A huge surprise that BC was able to break the losing streak and take Clemson on it's own field. Last week it appeared they were in a full blown flat spin setting out to sea with the distinct possibility someone was going to smack their head on the canopy after pulling the ejection handle. Rumors of the Eagles demise were apparently highly exaggerated. The larger question in this has to be what is the general feeling of Tiger nation for Tommy Bowden since he had Clemson hosting a divisional title game in Death Valley, at night and could not close the deal. I am not sure he needs to be fired but Bowden does need to answer why he did not get the job done when staring the ACC title game right in the face. Then again it is not like Bowden can go out there and catch TD passes that hit you right in your hands.

Wake Forest 38 NC State 18

I must confess, I enjoyed seeing the Pack get handled by Wake Forest. In a complete reversal from last week the running game was non-existent for NC State leading Daniel Evans to throw the ball 56 times. 56 times might be fine if you happen to be completing half those passes and you don't end up throwing three INTS with one being a pick six. Wake Forest now has 10 non-offensive touchdowns on the season and if that ever happened at UNC I think we would all wet ourselves.

Notre Dame 28 Duke 7

How bad is Duke football? They lost to Notre Dame by 21 in South Bend.

Virginia Tech 44 Miami 14

This game was completely meaningless since the Hokies winning or losing did not change their ACC title game chances. Miami might have been looking to erase what happened last week against UVa. It didn't happen. Virginia Tech was simply exercising itself to stay sharp for the second ACC semifinal game next week versus rival Virginia. Miami is simply bad. They have fallen to laughing stock territory with no competitive fire and a string of embarrassment on the scoreboard. Based on the past two games it would seem Randy Shannon has lost this team and they have checked out for the season. Incidentally, Miami has been outscored by the state of Virginia 92-14 this season.

Florida State 24 Maryland 16

Yawn. FSU has seven wins at least. Maryland needs to spoil NC State's dream of bowl eligibility to get bowl eligible themselves next week. In fact barring a miracle from Miami in beating Boston College the game in Raleigh next week is for the final bowl spot in the conference. Assuming Miami loses(a good chance) there will be three teams eliminated from bowl contention, Miami, UNC and Duke. Since the ACC only has eight bowl slots and the loser of Maryland-NC State will be 5-7 with the winner at 6-6 being the ACC's final bowl represenative.

Georgia Tech 27 UNC 25

The Heels lose another close game. In other news dog bits man.