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ACC Football Week #13: Review

Two games held implications on a larger scale. The first was the battle for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the other the battle for the chance to go play a bowl game in Idaho. If this were The Price if Right the UVa-VT game would have been the showcase with the car which means we really pass on NCSU-MD showcase because we would rather have a car or boat than a trip to Europe. Anyhow there was very little else of interest.

Virginia Tech earned their rematch with Boston College by holding off Virginia 33-21. The Hokie offense continues to improve every week to go along with the ever efficient defense/special teams. At first glance I think VT has to be favored in Jacksonville based on the way they have been playing of late. Boston College, who dealt with Miami in astoundingly boring fashion, simply may not have enough to beat VT second time.

As for NC State, could a team lay a bigger egg both figuratively and on the scoreboard than the Pack did at home with bowl eligibility on the line? Frankly speaking, Maryland is prone to moments of greatness(i.e. beating Rutgers) but the way they have played lately should have boded well NCSU. It did not in any way, shape or form losing 37-0 to a team with a shaky offense and not putting together any semblance of offense themselves with so much riding on the game is the worst possible resolution to the season. The Wolfpack were a good team when they were winning but when the lose, they lose in a bad way.

Georgia Tech and Florida State did very little to lift the ACC's image losing to Georgia and Florida respectively and in none to pretty fashion either. Clemson did better by at least winning versus SCAR and completing the Gamecock tailspin. Wake Forest did far better in slapping Vanderbilt around and getting to eight wins which gave the ACC a 2-2 record versus the SEC for the weekend. And UNC-Duke? Every bit the classic you expect from Duke-UNC as much as a game with teams having a combined record of 4-18 this season and 6-49 over the past two seasons.

One game left to complete the season and crown a champion before we can focus on basketball which will be nice since losing drains on a man after a while.