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ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Round 1

I will say after eight years of the ACC owning the Big Ten in basketball the question as to why we still do this every year ought to be asked by people in power. Nonetheless the Challenge rolls on and it began with much the same result as the previous eight.

Wake Forest 56 Iowa 47

If there is anything we can say with fair certainty it is that playing a game at Iowa usually results in a sloppy and low scoring affair. Neither team broke 40% from the field and combined for 36 turnovers and 3-30 from beyond the arc. Sounds like classic Hawkeye basketball to me. Despite all this ugliness Wake found a way to win and give the ACC the early lead.

ACC leads 1-0

Tuesday Schedule

Georgia Tech at #15 Indiana(Prediction: Indiana)
Northwestern at Virginia(Prediction: Virginia)
Minnesota at Florida State(Prediction: FSU)
#20 Wisconsin at #7 Duke(Prediction: Duke)
Purdue at #18 Clemson(Prediction: Clemson)