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Closing the Book on Arkansas

Quick Note: In the light of day the Tuberville thing might not be happening or it may be or perhaps he will coach both schools so he can have his fill of crazies on both sides.

EDSBS is reporting via KNWA that Arkansas will hire Auburn's Tommy Tuberville as their next head coach. And while all the concern that Butch Davis might leave was basically sucked out of the room when he got his raise and contract extension this hire is notable for what it may mean down the road. I had some minor trepidation that a Roy-UNC II situation might arise if Arkansas went out and hired the football version of Matt Doherty. UNC managed to dodge the bullet with Arkansas this time but if the job reopened in short order, say 2-3 years from now, I could see Davis jumping ship for the job the same way Roy did when UNC came calling a second time. The hiring of Tuberville seems to make this less likely now and since Arkansas appears to be the one job Davis might really want for familial reasons UNC might have him around for awhile.