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Lawson Questionable[UPDATE]

UPDATE: ACC Now is saying that little has changed with Lawson's status. It basically boils down to whether he can practice today. In comments made during his regular Tuesday press conference, Roy expressed doubts as to whether they would see Lawson on the court today. If he does not go, Bobby Frasor will start at point against Ohio State.

Inside Carolina is reporting based on Roy Williams comments during his radio show that Ty Lawson is questionable for the Ohio State game. Lawson's ankle is being treated and diagnosed as only a sprain.

"Ty did not practice today," head coach Roy Williams said during his Monday night radio show. "[He] got treatment last night, got treatment this morning. It's nothing but a sprain, but we won't really know until we practice tomorrow.

"We're hopeful that we'll be able to get him on the court tomorrow, but we won't know anything until he starts running up and down the court. I do know this for sure, he won't be 100 percent, so we'll have to make a decision whether to play him or not."

I say if he is not 100% then do not play him and allow the ankle to fully heal. Winning at Ohio State is a nice to have not a must have game and if he aggravates the injury or it turns into a chronic issue similar to Bobby Frasor's foot last season, he may never get back into the groove. Also, just because Lawson does not play does not mean UNC is doomed. I seem to recall King Rice subbing in for an injured Jeff Lebo in 1989 when #13 UNC went to Cameron to play #1 Duke. Heels won by 20 and I think the difference between Lawson and Frasor/Thomas is far less than it was between Lebo and Rice.