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Marcus Ginyard Does Not Think Highly Of Blacksburg

The Wolfpacker put together a list of questions they asked various players from around the ACC and then posted their answers. There are some interesting takes including Marcus Ginyard saying Virginia Tech has the worst basketball facilities in the conference.

Who has the best facility?

I haven't been to Virginia yet. Virginia Tech is definitely last. NC State maybe. They play in the RBC Center and that isn't bad. Boston College has a nice gym and Clemson has a nice gym. It's a toss-up. I'd have to say Boston College and I'm assuming Virginia because it is brand new.

Nice. This might explain why A.D. Vassallo of Virginia Tech thinks the 10 year old RBC Center is "brand new." Most folks said either UNC, NC State, Virginia or Maryland as having the best arenas in the ACC. The latter three are the most recent additions with RBC being the oldest of that trio. The Smith Center is 20 years old but at the time it was a premier on-campus basketball facility and still is in many ways.

Duke and NC State won the day for craziest fans with UNC thrown in there some. FSU's Toney Douglas appears to love all things Carolina citing North Carolina fans along with Duke as the craziest and UNC as having the best gym. Douglas is also under the impression that Wayne Ellington is the best shooter in the conference. Ellington's 18 points in the ACC Quarterfinals against the Noles must have made a lasting impression.