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No News On Lawson

There has been no word out of Chapel Hill concerning Ty Lawson's ankle which he rolled in the first two minutes against BYU on Saturday night. Looking at the replay, I cannot imagine it is a bad sprain and since they opted for ice and tape but keeping him on the bench it could have been caution over anything else. Lawson said after the game that he did hear a pop and when he tested it he was not at full speed so the decision was made to sit out the game. Barring a press release from Chapel Hill the question will likely be answered tonight during Ol' Roy's Good Time Basketball Radio Hour tonight at 7 PM.

My guess is they would rather keep Lawson out and make sure the ankle is right than risk a chronic injury situation. Lawson's speed is his primary weapon on the court and if he does not have that then it gets pretty close to a 50-50 proposition with playing him hobbled versus the Bobby Frasor-Quentin Thomas combo. Granted you would like to win at Ohio State and Kentucky but the bigger picture is San Antonio in April. Dropping 1-2 games in November/December will have little bearing on seeding down the line because the absence of Lawson will be factored in by the committee. And it is not like Frasor is horrid at point. UNC went 12-4 in the ACC with Frasor running the point as a freshman and fewer weapons then they have right now. The important thing is for Frasor and Thomas not to press and try to play outside of themselves. The offense also needs to adjust some to Lawson not being on the court and get Ellington or Ginyard involved with penetration if Frasor or Thomas are unable to do so. The offense still runs through Tyler Hansbrough with Ellington and Danny Green contributing to the offensive production secondary to that. Frasor/Thomas can run the offense this way and at this point the added dimensions Lawson brings can be missed for the time being.

Remember, it is a marathon not a sprint and the health of the team is more pertinent in February than it is now.