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Shaw at UNC(Exhibition)

Where: Dean E. Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Saturday, November 3rd, 8:15 PM
TV: Available on pay-per-view at Tar Heel Blue

The only real twist to this game is Duke beat Shaw 134-55 on Thursday which will undoubtedly make for all sorts of fun comparisons of the two teams once the Heels get done crushing the life out of this team.

As for what this game will tell us or what to look for I would imagine not much. Shaw will be woefully outclassed both physically and in terms of talent so aside from this being a glorified practice UNC will simply be getting used to game conditions and entertaining the folks on hand in the Smith center.

If anything, it will be the first taste of UNC basketball this season and that in itself is exciting.

UNC 125 Shaw 63