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To The Tar Heel Football Seniors: Thank You

With the 20-14 win over Duke, UNC said goodbye to several seniors who endured one of the more trying periods in UNC football history but put in 4-5 years of work to represent the University of North Carolina. THF salutes the following players for their careers in Chapel Hill and I wish them all the best as they leave UNC(that is assuming "wishes" and such are allowed by the NCAA.)

Kentawn Balmer, DT
Christopher Barnes, WR
Ryan Baucom, Deep Snapper
Bryan Bethea, CB
John Choate, P
Joe Dailey, WR
Kyndraus Guy, DE/TE
Ben Johnson, QB
Jabir Jones, FS
Scott Lenahan, C
Durell Mapp, LB
Jock Moore, FB
Michael Murphy, Deep Snapper
Quinton Person, CB
Hilee Taylor, DE
Martel Thatch, LB
Kendric Williams, CB

And special recognition to Connor Barth who enjoyed a distinguished career as UNC's kicker and owns one of the most dramatic moments in UNC football history, the winning FG against Miami in 2004.