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UNC 107 Iona 72

This will be a box score/recap only analysis thanks to our overlords in Bristol who dictated this game to be an ESPNU affair this cutting off meager bloggers like myself who have yet to partake of Time Warner Digital Cable. Thankfully someone has posted a few tidbits to YouTube which was nice.

Anyway, there are quite few observations I can make from the box score and some of Roy's postgame comments.   The first is the defense was good, but mostly in the first half.  The Heels obviously lost interest in playing top notch defense when the lead got to 40 points. This explains why Iona was able to manage 57% from the floor and 46 points in the second half after UNC limited them to 27 points and 33% in the first.  Iona shot much better in the second stanza which included seven three pointers and I imagine that second half with be a nice point of emphasis when the team reviews game film.  As for that first half defense, the small bits of video I saw showed the Heels trapping and pressuring at half court in an extremely disrupting manner.

Offensively speaking, Hansbrough was his usual beast like self with 27 points and a monster dunk that should really be seen, so here it is:

Please note there is a good chance this video will get pulled from YouTube due to copyright issues.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

Deon Thompson played well after struggling versus Davidson. And based on the stats Ty Lawson was doing all the things expected of him in the form of nine assists and 13 points.  And everyone's favorite concern was quelled, at least for one game, with the Heels shooting 10 of 24 from three point range with a solid 9 of 19 from the main rotation.  Wayne Ellington continues to shoot well going 4 of 6 from three point range which is something we really, really want to see more of as the season progresses.  And the versatile Danny Green put in a another lunch pail effort with 15 points including 2 of 2 from three.  It was effectively a balanced offensive effort and while it was against a tremendously bad team it would appear the execution and quality of play was better than it was even during the exhibitions.  UNC still continues to turn the ball over way too much and that also will likely be a point of emphasis for the coaches as they work with the team this week.

Solid game for the most part and great first home win of the season.