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UNC 114 Shaw 63

Let me say up front that (1) I am not sure how much you can take from an exhibition game and (2) I draw no conclusions from the fact UNC beat Shaw by 51 while Duke beat the Bears by 79 nor is there anything to be garnered from Duke scoring 134 to UNC's 114 versus the same team. As was the case with the football game I did not see the game but tracked it on the Live Stats at Tar Heel Blue so most of my analysis is based on parsing the box score. Then again, I am not sure you can take much from it considering it is an exhibition.

  • The two things that bothered me from the box score was the 0-7 from three point range among the regular rotation of players and turnovers. I expected to see better three point shooting but then again Wayne Ellington and Bobby Frasor only took two threes apiece, Ty Lawson, Marcus Ginyard and Danny Green took one each. They other six threes were taken by Will Graves(0-1), Marc Campbell(1-1) and J.B. Tanner(1-4). Something tells me Tanner has never seen an open shot he did not like. Given the scant few threes regulars took it is difficult to get to worked up over the lack of made threes. I think UNC will need offensive balance down the line but when you are playing a team that has no hope of stopping you down low then it makes little sense to chunk it from the cheap seats. On the turnover situation,17 is really too many versus a team you are so much better than. This was Roy's biggest issue because according to him most of the turnovers were sloppy.
  • Among the impressive lines we have Tyler Hansbrough with 23 points on 7-8 shooting and 9-11 from the line. In other words standard Tyler.
  • The Summer of Deon or Winter of Alex? Thompson picked right up where he left off in Serbia with a 17 point, 10 rebound performance. Not to be outdone Alex Stepheson had 10 points and three rebounds.
  • The guard play was excellent. Ty Lawson had 11 points and six assists but did commit three turnovers. All of Lawson shots were in close at the basket, probably off drives. Wayne Ellington hit a mix of two pointers to go 5-9 including a pair from 17-18 feet. Bobby Frasor had six points and six assists.
  • The Marcus Ginyard-Danny Green combo joined forces to pull down 11 rebounds, block two shots and had two steals.
  • I would comment on the defense but there is nothing I can tell you from how badly Shaw shot the ball(33%) or how many turnovers they had(26) since the Bears were totally outclassed.
  • As for Roy's take on the game he was unhappy enough that he pulled "Blue-White" twice: “I was not very encouraged by the way that we started the second half, and that’s the reason I took those five out,” Williams said. “Then I put five more in, and I wasn’t very encouraged by the way they played either, so I put five more in. Again, that’s part of it – trying to get better throughout the course of the season.”
  • In the end I think we have a team that is very, very good but still needs to work on various aspects of the game. Besides that Roy is ever the perfectionist so we will see what kind improvements there are on November 9th versus Lenoir-Rhyne,