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UNC vs Old Dominion

What: Las Vegas Invitational
Where: Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV
When: Friday, November 23rd, 11:55 PM
Records: UNC 3-0; Old Dominion 3-1

Common opponents can sometimes tell you a lot, especially when the difference between the manner in which UNC won and the way Old Dominion won is miles apart. In this case compare how each team did against SCAR St. and Iona

UNC def. Iona 107-72
ODU def. Iona 74-63

UNC def. SCAR St. 110-64
ODU def. SCAR St. 64-54

So we can surmise that UNC was around 35.5 points better than these two opponents compared to ODU being 10.5 points better. Based on this UNC should beat ODU by 25 points which really means I will be staying up to 2 AM liveblogging a blowout. Then again stranger things have happened and it might be worth watching.

Based on the ODU scores I am willing to bet they try to slow the pace down versus a UNC team who will want to run it. And it also should be noted that Tyler Hansbrough has a monster season underway averaging a double-double with 22.3 ppg and 10.3 rpg. Everything we were expecting so far and the expectation is UNC will win this one easily to face the winner of BYU-Louisville.

UNC 97 ODU 62