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The Dullness of December

You may have noticed that posting has been practically nonexistent around here. It's due to a combination of long days at work and a lack of interesting things going on. The headline on the sidebar pretty much covers it - "Tar Heels Still No. 1." There's not much to say about being on the top of the heap in December, or blowing out Penn. You can't even laugh at the New York Times' Penn blogger, as that's already been taken care of.

UNC doesn't take the court again until the 16th against Rutgers, coincidentally the same day I leave the country for two weeks, so the rest of the month won't be much more exciting here. I'll try to pump out some stuff this week to leave up here, but in the meantime:

  • The first set of standings for the Director's Cup - you remember, the 20 sport NCAA year-long competition absolutely no one cares about - and UNC is tied for fourth, on the strength of the field hockey championship and the 27th place finish in women's cross country. Enjoy it while it lasts, as the next set comes out Thursday, incorporating the disappointing soccer seasons.
  • An interesting fact I learned while being all political - Brendan Haywood has almost never played a minute for the Washington Wizards without fellow UNC alum Antawn Jamison being on the court as well. And he never plays with teammate Darius Songalia. I have absolutely no idea what this means.
  • Of the four folks who left early after the 2005 champion season, did anyone expect Sean May to be the only one not starting two and a half years later?
  • Finally, this is the only BCS column you need to read. This is because it is the only one that incudes this:
In reality, this is what the system of having monkeys fling their poo at pictures of NCAA logos was set up to do. There's a season when you have a bunch of teams that all have similar records and similar résumés, and the monkey-poo-fling system was put together in order to take two teams out of that bunch and say, "These are the best two." Now, you can debate all day whether it got the right two, but the point of the monkeys flinging their poo is to take two out of that group and say, "These are the two that are going to play." And they did that.