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This Year's ACC Schedule Advantages

Like last year, I thought I'd lay out the imbalances in the ACC basketball schedule, where each team has three opponents they only play at home and three they only meet on the road, in addition to the five teams they play twice in-conference:

Team Home Only Away Only
Boston College Georgia Tech / N.C. State / Wake Forest Clemson / Duke / Florida State
Clemson Boston College / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest Duke / Maryland / Virginia
Duke Boston College / Clemson / Georgia Tech Florida State / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest
Florida State Boston College / Duke / Virginia Georgia Tech / Maryland / Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech Florida State / Maryland / UNC Boston College / Duke / N.C. State
Maryland Clemson / Florida State / N.C. State Georgia Tech / Miami / UNC
Miami Maryland / UNC / Virginia N.C. State / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest
North Carolina Maryland / Virginia Tech / Wake Forest Georgia Tech / Miami / Virginia
N.C. State Georgia Tech / Miami / Virginia Tech Boston College / Maryland / Virginia
Virginia Clemson / UNC / N.C. State Florida State / Miami / Wake Forest
Virginia Tech Duke / Florida State / Miami Clemson / UNC / N.C. State
Wake Forest Duke / Miami / Virginia Boston College / Clemson / UNC

Virginia Tech appears to have taken Virginia's crown of the easiest schedule, as one of three teams who play UNC and Duke once apiece. (The other two are Wake and Georgia Tech, who both could use the help, frankly.) The Hokies also play both better-than-expected Miami and Florida State only at home, and I'm-sure-they'll-actually-be-as-good-in-conference-this-year once on the road. The Cavaliers haven't upgraded their schedule that much, though.

On the other side of scheduling roulette lies the Wolfpack, the only team this year to play both Duke and UNC twice. They also play Clemson twice, and the three teams they only play at home are the three they'll probably need the least help with. Good thing they're making a statement in the non-conference, isn't it?