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What Kind of Blog Is This Anyway?

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(Look! Filler that should have been posted two weeks ago!)

Still no sports news in the long, dark teatime of exam week, unless you want to talk about steriods (I don't) or the random games I come across on TV (Louisville and Purdue at the moment in a particularly ugly start. And is John Wooden just stamping his name on any basketball game now?)

But it's the end of the year - there has to be some sort of list I can fill space with. Nothing Carolina related, since we're all up to date there. I've only read two books published in 2007 (these two - I was kind of preoccupied with a dissertation) and for some reason all the movies I were one-word titles beginning with S, which would make for a weird list. I did plow through a fair amount of music, though, and that's worth a post if nothing else:

My Three Favorite Albums of 2007: The National, Boxer, Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and Saturday Looks Good to Me, Fill Up the Room.

Favorite Album Where I Already Owned All of the Songs on 12 Monthly EPs: Bishop Allen, Bishop Allen and the Broken String

Favorite Album That Really Should Have Stopped After Half the Songs: Mark Ronson, Version

Favorite EP I Really Wanted to Have Twice as Many Songs: Los Campesinos!, Sticking Finger into Sockets

Album That Would Have Made This List But It Really Didn't Need to Be Any Whiter: Arcade Fire, Neon Bible.

Two More Worth Mentioning as We Get So Caucasian We're Translucent: Ted Leo and the Pharmacist, Living with the Living and Jens Lekman Night Falls over Kortedala