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Liveblogging UNC-Tennessee's Second Half

Thank God there's actual sports on - that selection show is the most awful thing I've ever seen.

Anosike gets two more fouls in as many minutes, and is back to the bench already. Unfortunately, the Vols are making all their baskets on the offensive end, making defensive rebounding ability rather moot.

At the first timeout: Which Carolina calls, they're down ten 55-45. Some sloppy play is giving Candace Parker easy looks at the basket, and she's taking advantage of them.

Oh boy, we'll have an entire month of arguing whether Kansas or Missouri should have been in the BCS. It's becoming more and more apparent that the conference championship games are incompatible with the bowl selection process.

UNC's women's team, by the way, has the same black band on their uniforms as the men's team does. I wonder how many schools and sports are doing this - I don't recall seeing anything on the field hockey team, for instance.

At Tennessee's timeout: DeGraffenried draws a third foul on Bobbitt (the only player on the court who she can tower over) with a beautiful 360 move in the paint. 60-55 UT.

UNC has 24 second chance points to the Vol's 8, according to the ESPN graphic. UT's a little more tired, and the threes are no longer falling.

Somehow McCants fouls Hornbuckle by... blocking the UT's player open palm with her face? No matter, it's 60-59 UT.

Die, Family Guy Subway commercial. Just die. (And take Family Guy with you, please.)

This is turning into the opposite of last year's Final Four matchup. This time, UT's rebounders are in foul trouble on the bench, and now their outside shots are no longer falling. We'll see what happens with Anosike back in the game.

Should DeGraffenreid really be doing the under the basket inbounds pass? She's small, and tosses the lob away to Candace Parker who has ten inches on her. UT's up 66-61.

UNC is rattled by the Vol's defense, turning it over before crossing midcourt and following it with an ill-advised three. I think they're freaked out by Parker's euphoric celebrating of every little thing - I know I am. 69-61 UT.

Seven turnovers in eight possessions. No scores in the last three minutes for UNC. 71-61 UT.

UNC loses DeGraffenreid to fouls at the 6:30 mark. It's a shame, especially with opposing point guard Bobbitt with four. The Heels had real trouble with the press the last time DeGraffenreid sat. 74-61, UT.

McCants has scored 9 unanswered, single-handedly breaking the press three times and once draining a deep three. 74-70, UT.

All of a sudden it's UNC's defense that can't be stopped, forcing a shot clock violation and a couple of steals to make it 79-78, UT. UNC Anosike pulls down an offensive rebound (with a lot of contact) with 15 seconds remaining.

The Vols hit two free throws to make it 81-78. UNC has hit one three pointer all night - by McCants, who's out with five fouls. No timeouts left on either side...

...and Hornbuckle (senior) fouls Rebecca Gray (freshman) on the three. Gray has never missed a free throw at UNC, but makes one of the first two...

...but the third doesn't hit the rim. The game ends 83-79 Tennessee.