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Ladies and gentleman, the Valparaiso Crusader. Owners of a 10-2 record and only two games played against teams in Ken Pomeroy's Top 100. You can probably guess where those two losses on the schedule occurred.

There's not much one can discern about a team that plays Maryland Eastern Shore or IUPU Fort Wayne, but here's the general outlook. Valpo's not going to try to the run with the Heels, preferring a slow pace. They average 66.5 possessions a game and have cracked 80 points only three times this season. They'll hang out on the perimeter, rarely turning the ball over and hoisting a lot of threes (which they'll make - they're 15th in the nation in three point shooting.)

So think of them pretty much as a less talented version of the Duke teams of the last two years, or more worryingly a slightly better Nicholls St. They shouldn't be a problem, but without Frasor, the Heels may be a bit more susceptible to good guard play.