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Down Goes Frasor. Down Goes Frasor.

Gee, you fly to the other side of the world for a few weeks, and folks start dropping like flies. First Hansbrough gave everyone a slight scare, and then more seriously Bobby Frasor was lost for the season after tearing his ACL in a win over Nevada.

Carolina was 10-0 in the games Frasor missed last season in two stretches caused by a sore right foot, but six of those games came against Decemeber opponents blown out by 30 or more points. More crucially, Frasor missed the second half of the Heels' first ACC loss against Virginia Tech, where UNC needed experienced guard play to match up against Zabian Dowdell and Jamon Gordon. From a seasonwide persepctive, UNC has the depth survive the loss, and more than a few fans are happy to see Quentin Thomas get a chance to step up, but it's still an absence that cost a team a game when they need it.

Frasor now gets to spend a good bit of quality time with Dr. Tim Taft, drollest scalpel weilder alive, and therefore in very good hands, at least.

I am curious as to the possiblities of Frasor reclaiming a year of eligibility with a redshirt. It shouldn't be allowable, as he's played in 12 games - significantly more than the 25% of a season cutoff. The Wolfpack are apparently trying to obtain such a dispensation for Farnold Degand, though, who's in a similar boat at 10 games played.