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UNC 90, Valparaiso 58

Even play-by-play accounts of a game sometime miss the important events. If you scroll down through ESPN's coverage of last night's matchup to UNC's 27-2 run, you'll just keep reading about various Valparaiso players missing shot after shot.

Most of those shots weren't "missed." They were blocked. Passes were stolen like it was a crime wave. The Crusaders' normally solid guard play was in tatters, and a team that typically had excellent ball handling skills instead was rejected 12 times and had their pocket picked another 11. By the end of the run, which followed Valpo's hardscrabbled return from a 19-2 deficit, there was nothing left for the crowd to do but snicker at the names on the opposing team's jerseys.

Without Frasor or Quentin Thomas - out with a sprained left ankle - the offense had trouble getting into a half-court rhthym in the first half, but turned it around in the second when first Danny Green and then Will Graves, both 4-5 from behind the arc, took control. Add to that Valpo's inability to get a rebound (a 44-26 margin for the Heels) and the game ended they way more of these should, with the bench cleared and the crowd happy.

Next up is Kent State, after which UNC becomes the last ACC team to stick their toe in the water of the conference season.