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A Quick Note About Football Attendance

The NCAA released the final football attendance figures over the weekend and looking at the rankings according to average attendance revealed a small surprise as it relates to UNC and NC State.

Rank School Accum Attendance Accum Percent Capacity Avg Attendance Sum Stad Capacity Total Games
35 North Carolina 344500 95.69 57417 360000 6
36 North Carolina State 394493 98.73 56356 399574 7

The full list can be seen here. The reason I bring this up is because some fans of our esteemed sister school in Raleigh proudly tout their support of their football team over the perceived lack of interest in Chapel Hill. I would point out two things as it relates to this. First, I am not sure of how the attendance data is gathered. I know questions have been raised in the past as to whether UNC reports tickets sold versus actual turnstile numbers. Visual inspection of the empty seats during televised games would point to the former as the preferred method in Chapel Hill but I am not entirely sure. Then again, if they did sell that many tickets, it is still money into the program which is no small issue. Secondly, UNC was about five percent short of capacity at Kenan whereas NC State was close to full at Carter-Finley.

Interesting stats to say the least.