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ACC Basketball Update(12/14)

  • The silence out there has been deafening. Such is the exam break and peculiarities of scheduling for ACC schools. That promises to end this weekend with all the teams returning to a more routine looking schedule.
  • Apparently the Maryland-Boston College game this past Sunday was so grueling for the players that both teams promptly went out and lost on Wednesday night. BC dropped one at home(where else) against UMass. This is not necessarily a bad loss since UMass also beat Syracuse at the Carrier Dome but it is still a loss versus the Atlantic 10 which quite frankly soils us all. However, the business Maryland has been conducting outside of the conference not only soils us but makes us looks like top heavy conference with about three elite teams, a handful of good teams and a few like the Terps, Georgia Tech and NC State who might have trouble winning 2/3 of the conferences out there. Maryland's latest sin against ACC Basketball Sanctity came in a loss at home to Ohio. I am starting to wonder how close Gary Williams is getting to losing his "I won a national title" immunity card. Another few losses of this nature and I would say pretty darn close.
  • What are we to make of Miami? The Hurricanes basketball team seems determined to mitigate the shame wrought by the gridiron Canes by winning some games on the court. The latest is a road win at Mississippi State to raise Miami to 9-0. To be honest, this has that "Clemson started 17-0 and failed to make the NCAA Tournament" feel to it. Miami has exactly one significant scorer in the person of Jack McClinton. They do boast a couple of other double digit scorers but in this game McClinton had 29 and no one else got to 10. So despite the hot start I get the impression Miami's basketball success will flush right down the tubes once the ACC starts. However with Maryland, Georgia Tech and NC State dropping games left and right to low tier schools, Miami stands a chance to be in the middle of the pack if those teams' rather crappy play continues.