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ACC Basketball Update(12/18)

  • NC State beat someone they were supposed to! Still looks like he who has diarrhea of the mouth Gavin Grant and J.J Hickson are the only two players with a remote interest in scoring. And while the Pack ended up winning by 25 they also went about nine minutes without a basket in the second half. Playing a low tier team you can get away with that kind of drought. Do something like that in ACC play it will be a long winter.
  • FSU and Virginia Tech registered losses with ODU dropping the Hokies and Butler winning over the Noles. Since Butler is ranked and ODU has proven they are a very good team neither one of these losses are considered alarming, not that anyone on the selection committee is looking at VT for anything.
  • Among the undefeated teams left are UNC, Duke, Miami and Clemson. UNC whipped Rutgers, Duke over Albany and Miami made short work of Stetson.