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ACC Basketball Update(12/19)

  • Rumors of Georgia Tech's demise were premature? Maybe, maybe not but in the wake of last night's near upset of Kansas one has to believe that when ACC play gets rolling GT is going to be a tough out on any given night. I was surprised that Kansas did not put the Jackets away which might be a more telling sign of issues Kansas is trying to address versus GT's level of play. By way of comment on the Jayhawks they are wildly talented but prone to some bad free throw shooting and poor decision making as illustrated by Sherron Collins' attempt to throw the ball off Matt Causey's leg out of bounds underneath the GT basket. Causey dodged the ball then scooped it up for a layup to cut the lead to three. At worst Collins should have either stepped out of bounds and given his team a chance to set up defense. Kansas also had two timeouts available which would have certainly been a better option. Needless to say Kansas will improve and be right in the thick of it come March.
  • Florida State was down by seven to Charleston and very nearly lost at home to a Southern Conference school which seems to be a pattern of late in the ACC. Blame for Charleston's failure to hold onto their lead was placed on Bobby Cremins who apparently spent the better part of the second half seeing if he could return to Georgia Tech.