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ACC Basketball Update(12/21)

Down goes Duke: Duke lost the battle of the top ten undefeated teams in New York last night 65-64 in OT. For anyone waiting around to see Duke show some weaknesses they were on display like a store window on 5th Avenue. Rebounding, lack on intensity, turnovers and poor execution all did the Devils in. Of course Pitt was not much better on most of those but they found enough to win. Duke was outrebounded by 13 and there was a discernible stretch in the second half where they did not grab an offensive rebound. Duke also found out what happens when the three don't fall like they have been. Obviously toughness questions will be raised since Duke was up 31-14 with five minutes left in the first half and proceeded to be outscored 51-33 the rest of the way. This was something we saw last season with Duke claiming control of the game before slowing bleeding points until they were flailing in cardiac arrest on the floor. And one more thing. The back/butt bump Paulus and Singler did has me questioning their masculinity as though the DUKE on the uniform did not already do that.

Confidence in Miami: It occurred to me that Miami might be following the path Wake Forest football took last season. Miami came in with zero expectations but simply started winning games. The more they win, the better they seem to look to the point they are smacking the cupcakes around like a Top 25 team does. Also, as the win totals go up, the players gain confidence and all of sudden they are playing at a higher level despite the fact on paper they have no business being there. The jury is still out but right now Miami looks as good as other teams with higher expectations in the ACC.

Clemson loves Puerto Rican Winters: More so than UVa did last season. The Tigers knocked off PR Mayaguez in their first game at the San Juan Shootout. Clemson is still playing without James May who hurt his hip three weeks ago.

Odds and Ends: Virginia shook of a pesky Hampton team despite a horrendous game from Sean Singletary who had more turnovers(7) and than assists(4) while dropping a paltry 12 points. Wake Forest beat back South Florida who really has no business playing in a legitimate basketball conference and Virginia Tech is really not a good team. Only 58 on Liberty? At least they won.