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ACC Basketball Update(12/7)

  • Troubles continue at Georgia Tech as they barely survive against 2-5 Georgia State. In fact I would surmise the out of conference portion of the schedule cannot end quick enough for the Jackets who really want nothing more than to get into the ACC where at least you get to start over....sort of.
  • Virginia dropped a tough game at home to Syracuse mainly because Sean Singletary was 3-14 and only had 10 points. He did make up for it by handing out nine assists and Adrian Joseph stepped up in a huge way with a double-double. However this game might be the earliest evidence of how limited the Cavs are in terms of offensive weapons. Of course chucking 32 threes and only making 11 is not real helpful either.
  • Vanderbilt used a win off Georgia Tech to get themselves ranked the proceeded to beat Wake Forest handing the Demon Deacs their second loss of the season. It is still too early to know how good or bad Wake Forest is. At this point one could make an argument that Wake will slide into the middle tier while GT slides down to the bottom one. I also think Wake needs more consistent play out of Ish Smith at point since the ACC is so PG dependent. Smith's numbers are decent but not tremendous.
  • Both BC and Virginia Tech won games this past week by hold an opponent to 39 points. In the Hokies case it was UNC Greensboro who torched Georgia Tech for 84.
  • Taking a look at Clemson and UNC's schedule there is a very good chance that come January 6th the Heels will roll into Littlejohn undefeated to face a mutually unblemished Tigers team. Clemson has two more SEC road games(which is three total for the season) against Mississippi and Alabama. Assuming they pass those, two unbeaten teams could square off at Clemson. I need not remind anyone what happened the last time UNC went to Clemson #1 with a long winning streak.
  • Congratulations to Maryland for looking like an ACC team when facing a MEAC school.