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ACC Bowl Schedule

The bowl schedule for the ACC is stocked full of good matchups and a couple of games that will have you committing horrific acts against your own eyeballs.

Via ACC Football Report:

ORANGE BOWL (1/3/08 - Miami)
Virginia Tech vs. Kansas

CHICK-FIL-A BOWL (12/31/07 - Atlanta)
Clemson vs. Auburn

GATOR BOWL (1/1/08 - Jacksonville)
Virginia vs. Texas Tech

CHAMPS SPORTS BOWL (12/28/07 - Orlando)
Boston College vs. Michigan State

MUSIC CITY BOWL (12/31/07 - Nashville)
Florida State vs. Kentucky

MEINEKE BOWL (12/29/07 - Charlotte)
Wake Forest vs. Connecticut

EMERALD BOWL (12/28/07 - San Francisco)
Maryland vs. Oregon State

HUMANITARIAN BOWL (12/31/07 - Boise)
Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State

  • Boston College and their home bound fan base end up in Orlando playing at a bowl named after sporting goods. The upside is I think they will beat Michigan State.
  • Virgina vs Texas Tech is intriguing simply because TT loves to score points and UVa largely disdains anything more than about three TDs unless Miami keeps giving them the ball and allowing them to run to the endzone with it.
  • Clemson gets to go to Atlanta because they will bring people with them and since they are playing Auburn it will be a sellout and probably an excellent game.
  • And Virginia Tech, who was muffed onside kick away from being in the big game, will take on Kansas. The question is, now that Kansas has lost thus removing the sweet sheen of perceptible vulnerability and Bud Foster has more time than he knows what to do with to scheme the Jayhawks I would think the Hokies will have little trouble the Mark Mangino's crew.
  • Florida State takes on Kentucky in what I think will be an entertaining game.
  • Wake Forest and UConn play in the only bowl which Wake Forest fans might actually travel to in droves since it is in Charlotte.
  • On the "Who really cares" docket Maryland will play Oregon State and probably lose while Georgia Tech gets Fresno State on the blue fields of Boise, Idaho.