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ACC Football Championship: Review

Virginia Tech 30 Boston College 16

Virginia Tech is absolutely kicking themselves for not doing this the first time. In light of yet another #1 and #2 team being laid waste, Hokie fans will be forever haunted by the failure of their much vaunted special teams to recover an onside kick instead of giving Matt Ryan the ball back on October 25th in Blacksburg . The resulting drive was that incredible dagger in the gobbler on 3rd and 20 with 11 seconds left that momentarily saved BC from the fate of other #2 teams. For Virginia Tech, it was their second loss which is the college football equivalent to losing in the NCAA Tournament, that is until this season. In this present storm of chaos having only one loss is almost like being undefeated.

While I do not have a full understanding on how the computers work in the BCS, based on the way the polls would rank teams I think a 12-1 Virginia Tech team, whose only loss came in the second week in September would be sitting in a position to move into the second slot for the BCS title game. Granted VT got blown out by LSU for their one loss but with so many teams rising and falling like the Andrea Gail during the The Perfect Storm the Hokies could have easily worked themselves back up the rankings. Had VT beaten BC and then ran the rest of the table, they would have had four wins over ranked teams and decisive wins over Miami and Florida State to boot. Add to this the fact VT would have been one of only three BCS conference teams with only one loss. Ohio State being the one of them and Kansas the other who did not beat a ranked team all season and did not play for a conference title.

Say what you will about the ACC in football but in the final analysis VT is basically one botched onside kick recovery away from playing for a national title.