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UNC 106 Penn 71

I missed the first half tending to the Tar Heel Children. My guess based on stats is that this game played out much the same way it did last year in Chapel Hill with Penn hanging around for 10 minutes or so before UNC decided to impose it's will on the Quakers. UNC did not have much time to prep for Penn who employs that classic Ivy League offense that can be difficult to defend. The second half was pretty much a fast break clinic with some minor lapses in terms of a few easy baskets for Penn and a little sloppy play on the part of the Heels. Overall it was a solid game for UNC and a nice sendoff to the exam break.

It was no surprise that Tyler Hansbrough showed up huge in this game considering his level of frustration during the past two. Hansbrough scored every which way he could on his way to 29 points and 10 rebounds. His baskets tonight included wild shots in the lane, turn around jumpers and a very nice open floor dunk off a three quarter court pass from Ty Lawson. Speaking of Lawson, if the ankle still hurts I can't tell. His speed looked intact to me and it most certainly did to the guys trying to guard him. And for whatever reason, Lawson is not posting high assist numbers but that seems to be a general pattern for the team as a whole. I am not sure why this or if it is something to concern ourselves with but UNC is averaging three fewer assists than last season.

Danny Green continues to impress and did so in only 16 minutes which makes his 19 points a very efficient piece of work. It was a little disappointing to see Wayne Ellington struggle so much in front of his family and friends. While he did end up with 13 points, his shooting was obviously off and for every good play he made there seemed to be one bad one on each side of it. Not that it will ultimately matter. I think Ellington has arrived and will consistently produce. It is likely he was pressing a bit which happens more times than not.

So UNC takes the next 12 days off to take exams, heal up and get ready for a December menu of cupcakes prior to a trip to Clemson on January 6th.