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UNC at Rutgers

Where: Louis Brown Athletic Center, Piscataway, NJ
When: Sunday, December 16th, 8:00 PM
Records: UNC 8-0; Rutgers 7-3

Once more into the breach, once more.

The Heels finally come to the end of their insane stretch of games away from Chapel Hill which was interrupted 12 days ago by the exam break. UNC returns to action taking on Rutgers in New Jersey marking the first time they have stepped foot inside the state since that game last March none of us really care to discuss. By way of preview, I really do not have much to say. I thought UNC had found it's offensive groove again in the last game versus Penn following the Ty Lawson injury and his return against Kentucky. I fully expect copious amounts of rust and some sloppy play for UNC. When you are talking about a routine schedule that calls for games twice a week usually 2-3 days apart in most cases, the effect of having almost two weeks off is usually undeniable. Mistakes will be made and though the danger of losing to a team that only beat the NJ Institute of Technology by 10 is minimal I do think Rutgers will be a nuisance for a bit longer in the first half than they would be had UNC played them during the course of a routine series of games.

So my advice is go to NJ and take care of business so you can get back to Chapel Hill and do the Little Debbie Diet through the end of December to get ready for ACC play.

UNC 90 Rutgers 62