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Playing UNC Is Unhealthy for Children and Other Living Things

Want a nice little indication of North Carolina's depth and the difficulties it causes other teams? Take a look at their opponents in the game after they play the Tar Heels. UNC's ACC opponents are 1-8 in their next games - only Clemson managed a win, and they followed it up by losing their next three. The average margin of victory in the losses is 9.6 points.

In this light, Duke's poor performance against the Terps on Sunday ceases to be a surprise. It doesn't stop being funny, though.

Below the cut is the full list of ACC opponents (and Arizona) and the results of their next forays onto the court.

  • Florida State: Lost to Georgia Tech (88-80)
  • Virginia: Lost to Boston College (78-73)
  • Virginia Tech: Lost to Florida State (82-73)
  • Clemson: Beat Boston College (74-54)
  • Georgia Tech: Lost to Maryland (80-65)
  • Wake Forest: Lost to Florida State (74-66)
  • Arizona: Lost to Washington State (72-66)
  • Miami: Lost to Virginia (81-70)
  • N.C. State: Lost to Georgia Tech (74-65)
  • Duke: Lost to Maryland (72-60)