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Anonymous Commenting No More!

I've officially turned off anonymous commenting.

The SportsBlog Nation offically banned anonymous commenting a few months back as a spam prevention measure, but I kept in grandfathered in because I'm a fan of it - the energy barrier for me to actually create a login for a blog comment is pretty high. So even though it meant weeding out a couple of spam ads a day, I kept it open.

This weekend, however, another blog with anonymous commenting buckled under an entire database with spam comments, and the word came down from on high that the commenting policy had to be enforced, so here we are.

Signing up to comment is ridiculously easy, and only requires an e-mail address to prove you're not a robot trying to sell the world prescription medication. You won't get any e-mail from us and we won't pimp your address out to anyone. And you customize the look of the site to your liking, post diaries, and wreak havok all over the internet if you so desire.

So goodbye, anonymous comments. From the first (the lyrics to Aye Zigga Zoomba, for which I get a fair number of google hits for to this day) to the last (making fun of Rhode Islanders), they were all appreciated. And Wolfpack fans that only show up after a rare State win, I think I'll miss you most of all.

Next: More misguided ACC ramblings, I promise.