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Wolfpack Redux

There's nothing to be said in anticipation of this game that wasn't put forth three weeks ago. State is capable of pulling of the big upset, and just as likely to not show up at all. There's no way the Heels should lose on their home floor.

Section Six, who I really should link to more often, runs down the numbers so I don't have to.

I'm also confused by the new (to me) habit of Wolfpack fans referring to us as "the goats". Mainly because I'm not sure how a goat would be more belittling than a sheep, which at least is the general animal we have a guy dress up as. Then again, my school wasn't nearly as big on animal husbandry as State is, so maybe there's something more insulting in there I'm just not getting. Anyway, in a show of team support, I present the Mountain Goats, singing an ACC appropriate song for your listening pleasure. (And not the version performed at Duke Coffeehouse - there's a limit to how much ACC rivalry I'm willing to toss into one mp3.)

MP3: The Mountain Goats, "Up the Wolves"