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Wake Me When the Power Shifts Out of First Gear

The Washington Post puts out the standard article on the decline in ACC influence of Tobacco Road that I see every couple of years since I learned to read. This year it's the prominence of BC, and the Virginia schools, as well as the conference tournament being played in Tampa. A couple of years back it was Georgia Tech's championship run, and before that Maryland and before that Wake Forest and Tech again, and before that Florida State, and tournaments at the Omni and up in D.C., and so on and so on.

Before declaring the Old North State irrelevant, you may want to see how Boston College manages without Jared Dudley (They'll slip a bit) or Virginia Tech without, well, everyone (It'll be bad). Hell, I'm interested in seeing how Dave Leitao manages with his own recruits (No easy answers there, it could go either way). Next year, it'll be a UNC-Duke-Maryland battle again, and then a year or two after that some other schools will challenge for the title (Georgia Tech? Wake Forest? God help ua all, State?) and we'll get another column. Lather, rinse, repeat.