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Super Bowl Sunday

I am by no means a faithful Colts fan - you'll want to go here if that's what you're looking for - but I, and most of the folks at the party I was attending, were cheering on the Indianapolis contingent. Part of that was because I actually like Peyton Manning. I figure if you're going to be that talented and that wealthy, you at least should have the common courtesy to be incredibly goofy, which Manning is. But mainly I chose the team to cheer for on Sunday the same way I often pick sides in professional games I don't have an interest in. I root for the team with the most UNC alumni.

This year that was the Colts, with starting center Jeff Saturday. And it's worth pointing out that the same guy who bashed Saturday a couple of weeks ago in Slate has credited the center with the Colts' Super Bowl victory.

(Saturday is apparently Slate's new poster boy, as frequent contributer Gregg Easterbrook thinks he's the most valuable player in the NFL. Unfortunately, Gregg Easterbrook is wrong about pretty much everything he writes outside of football, so I never know how much faith to put in his NFL thoughts. But congratulations, nonetheless.)