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Will Blythe Has a Bad Feeling

Which he elaborates on in typical well-written fashion over at Deadspin.

If it's any consolation, I think everyone on both sides is a little uneasy. We're housing a Duke alumnus for the week (I know, I know, but we can't just toss him out into the street. It gets down into the 50's at night in Santa Barbara. He could freeze.) and even he, a guy who famously put a shoe through a TV after a Blue Devil tournament loss, is expecting bad things. With both teams being young, both teams coming off of losses, the typical motivation storylines are all out the window. Both teams need the win, not just for the usual rivalry reasons, but to keep pace with the rest of league instead of merely pulling away like usual. It's an unsettling feeling.

Oh, and Blythe's wrong about one thing. The year after that Gaudetastic 1995 season the Blue Devils went 8-8 in conference, and proceeded to drop their first ACC tournament game to Maryland.

(As for the relative merits of Williams and Krzyzewski as in-game coaches, I'm ambivalent. Neither of them seem to do much for most of the game, a testament to their great prepatory abilities. I think there's no coach better than Williams with four minutes left in the game. And unfortunately, there's no coach better than Krzyzewski with four seconds left.)