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Oh Yeah, There's a Bogus Holiday Today As Well

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From UNC's Athletic Site:

College football's national signing day is Wednesday, Feb. 7, and is your home for "Signing Day Live!," an internet show broadcast live from the fourth floor of the Kenan Football Center. Viewers will be treated to up-to-the-minute live reports from inside Kenan Stadium, video of each signee and live interviews with head coach Butch Davis and assistant coaches. It all begins at 7 a.m. when prospects are allowed to fax in their national letter of intent.

If I ever care that much about the lives of a bunch of high school students, I'll hang up this blogging thing entirely. I feel unclean just reading that.

This is one of those times where I'm a bit adrift in this whole SportsBlog Nation thing. It's very college football oriented, and although I'm happy Butch Davis is apparently doing well, you're not going to get me to care about kids that haven't even enrolled at UNC when there's basketball on.

I did get a nice e-mail from Peter Bean at Burnt Orange Nation. He's especially impressed by Marvin Austin, who I, naturally,  had to Google to have a clue who that was. (What did I learn? That nattily dressed means the exact opposite of what I thought it did.)