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There's Fast, and Then There's This

The comments of this Matthew Yglesias post on Ohio State - suprising verdict, Greg Oden is pretty good - points out an interesting thing in Ken Pomeroy's tempo-free statistics - VMI is averaging 92.3 possessions a game. The next fastest team (Texas State) only manages 76.6 trips up the court. Or, as one commenter put it:

Is the gap in pace b/t VMI at #1 and Texas State at #2 really bigger than the gap between #2 and #321!?! If so, they are literally the biggest outlier in all of college basketball in just about any style of play category.

I thought that had to be a mistake, that a mistyped number threw everything off, but a brief look at VMI's stats makes it look pretty real. The Keydets average 101.9 points a game, take 82.9 shots a game, probably lead the country in a whole host of offensive categories, and if the local Bojangles was dumb enough to go in on a promotion with them, earned themselves cheap sausage biscuits seventeen times.

They're also 13-18, and in sixth place out of eight in the mighty Big South conference.

The Washington Post went into detail on the team back in December. They only have four legimitate DI players on their roster. Their team goal is 100 shots a game. And their coach gives great quotes like this:

"There is a method to our madness," Baucom said. "But sometimes, it looks just like madness."

Finally, a team in Virginia I can root for.