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The Significance of a Play

As the BC-Carolina is beginning to wind down, I'm going to take a moment to... hold on a second:

Vitale! Talk about the game in front of you! There! on the damn court! Nobody cares about what you think the NCAA tournament will be like! "It'll be exciting," is not analysis! And we don't care who you had fucking lunch with! You're job is not to shill for Beyonce and Tim McGraw! The. Game. Being. Played. Now. Focus!

As I was saying, I'm going to take a moment to revisit a play yesterday. I can't find it on the nternet, but you know the one - the Quentin Thomas lob to Wright. You know about it because is the thesis for every article on the Heels.

Pat Forde uses it as exhibit A for for why UNC won't win the NCAA's. It was a bad pass, you see, and that kind of recklessness shows the team is forgetting everything Williams tries to teach them. The Williams quote:

"It was stupid," Williams said bluntly when asked what put him off about the play. "If Brandan doesn't jump as high and have those arms, it's a turnover on a four-on-two. I told him (Thomas) that Brandan saved his life. ... I didn't choke Q, so that was good."

"Make the easiest play you can make," Williams said. "Don't make the most difficult. I've watched a lot of basketball. I haven't seen them award extra points yet for degree of difficulty. That's in gymnastics."

(Vitale, no one cares about your childhood dream to play for the Yankees. You have no ability for sportscasting, either, but it's not stopping you. Focus. On. The. Game.)

Luke Winn, on the other hand, uses the play as proof Brandan Wright is about to explode. And he goes to Bobby Frasor for support:

"I got bug-eyed watching that," said UNC guard Bobby Frasor, who was looking on from the bench. "With any other guy, that's a turnover, but Brandan saves plays. Coach [Roy Williams] was saying that it was a risky pass [by Thomas], but if you have Brandan there, why not try a risky pass since he can save you?"

(Winn's ACC Tournament blog has been really good. If only he didn't take multiple games off.)

Tar Heel Mania, of course, uses the play in context of his deep, abiding love of Quentin Thomas. Though he does realize Wright was involved in the play as well.