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Previewing VaTech-State

First of all, when did "Vah-Tech" become an acceptable Sportscenter abbreviation for the Hokies? Do they also approve of Guh-Tech. Because that would be humorous.

Luckily, since I screwed up yesterday, I can just cut and paste by incredibly uninsightful analysis:

Virginia Tech vs. N.C. State The Wolfpack have two victories over the Hokies already this year, why can't they get a third? Well, there's the exhaustion from one overtime game, for one thing. And the fact that Zabian Dowdell has turned in two poor performances - only his games against Virginia have been worse. Now maybe the Pack have his number, but State has let an awful lot of other guards go off on them, and I can't see the Hokies losing a third time.

The important question though is, as a Carolina fan, who do you root for? Back in 1997, I was a huge backer of the Wolfpack in their run from ninth seed to the finals. But this year, I just don't like them. Maybe I've been exposed to too many State fans on the internet. But mostly, I want to see this new, post-late season collapse Heels get their shot at the Hokies. You know UNC can beat State, but Virginia Tech presents a challenge, that's more likely to produce a classic game. And should the Heels win, it will go farther for preparing them for a deep NCAA tournament run. Put me firmly in the Hokies' camp.

Plus, I'm really tired of hearing about that damn red coat.